Committed to more than just safety – we are committed to people.

We have a responsibility to our employees, our customers and all their families to maintain a safe and healthy workplace.  Whether it be in the office or a jobsite, the people with whom we work and live are our greatest concern.

We work hard to empower our employees to feel not only comfortable, but obligated to report unsafe conditions and not to perform work tasks that they deem unsafe.  Every new employee completes our safety and health orientation.  Our employees are urged to make recommendations to improve safety and health conditions and every idea is received and considered by management.

With constantly changing technology, building practices, building rules and regulations – being aware of and in front of the latest safety practices is essential in our industry.  In an effort to maintain the safest environment, beyond our initial orientation, our field staff, superintendents,  project managers and upper management are all required to complete continued education on safety and health.

Here at CaseCo, our people are our biggest asset, and we work tirelessly to provide our employees and clients with a safe workplace.