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We’re committed to creating a company known for providing the best experience for customers and employees. 


Every decision we make is guided by our commitment to building trust.

The foundation of our business is built on Trust, Relationships, Quality, and providing the best Customer Experience. Our team is driven by these values and takes our responsibility to you very seriously. We have one standard for our business: continuous mastery. We constantly raise the bar for ourselves and the experience we deliver, so therefore constantly and continuously master our craft.

CaseCo builds luxury custom homes, acts as the general contractor on complicated and complex commercial projects, and works for leading insurance carriers to repair properties damaged by fire, water, wind, and other natural disasters. 



CaseCo, established in 2011, has evolved significantly from its inception. Today, it stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in its sector. With a portfolio that includes a diverse range of projects and services, CaseCo manages an impressive expanse of operations across multiple locations. Our journey of growth is rooted in a steadfast commitment to our clients, ensuring that every venture and service we provide is infused with the highest standards of quality and integrity. This ethos is not just a part of CaseCo’s identity; it’s a testament to our dedication to serving our community and clients with unwavering excellence.



Simply put, CaseCo stands for honesty and transparency in the construction industry.  We place value in collaboration; in the joy of solving problems together; and in turning a vague concept or incomplete idea to a finished and satisfying product.

CaseCo is intentional about the partnerships we cultivate. We understand what matters most and the importance of delivering on your vision. Depending on the project, we know exactly who can execute each job most effectively and most efficiently. We deliver the best service and the best quality.  

WHat We Believe

People and Trust.

We are committed to people – Our customers, our employees and our partners. When your days start and end with people at the forefront of your mind, building trust, the backbone of our organization, comes easy. Quality relationships exist once you have established a history of trust and transparency.

Collaboration and Community.

We champion teamwork and community engagement, working closely with all stakeholders on our projects and contributing to the broader community. Our approach combines diverse perspectives for innovative solutions, emphasizing our commitment beyond just building structures to fostering lasting community bonds.

Creativity and Excellence.

Our drive for creativity turns challenges into opportunities, pushing us towards excellence in every project. We’re dedicated to delivering outstanding results that reflect the value and trust our clients place in us, always striving to exceed expectations and master our craft.